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Most cities were not designed to handle the current climate and environmental challenges. So how can we help our cities become more climate resilient while better securing water resources?
How can we help our cities become more climate resilient while better securing water resources?

Wavin U.S. and Canada Products

Providing Reliable Water Solutions

Welcome to Wavin's Solutions – where innovation meets sustainability. We provide comprehensive systems designed to ensure clean water supply, efficient temperature control, effective wastewater transport, and much more.
Harnessing cutting-edge technology and a deep commitment to sustainability, we're helping communities worldwide build a healthier, more resilient future.

Potable Water Systems ○ Hot and Cold-Water Systems
Soil and Waste Solutions ○ Innovative Climate Control Methods

Explore our broad range of solutions and discover how we're shaping the world, one pipe at a time. 

Hot & Cold Pipes

Wavin offers a full portfolio of hot and cold-water distribution and hydronic systems including Bow SuperPex, Bow FlowGuard Gold® (CPVC), and Wavin Schedule 40 PVC. 

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Wavin BIM Revit Packages

Create a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building project before its built.

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Hydronic Pipes

Our Bow OxyPert and Bow OxyPex tubing are the ideal choice for circulation heating applications such as radiant slab heating systems for concrete, snow melting applications, and baseboard heating. The great flexibility of these piping systems reduces your installation costs while staying eco-firendly and recyclable.  

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Drain, Waste, + Vent

Wavin HepvO is a self-sealing waste valve that uses a soft silicone rubber membrane to create the seal instead of water, eliminating foul odors in HVAC drain waste vent lines and the health risks of stagnant water in plumbing systems. The Wavin HepvO system includes compatible in-line adaptors and angle adapters. Wavin provides a complete solution in combination with the Bow ABS DWV Foam Core pipes and fittings. 

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Wavin PP-RCT Pipes

Use the Wavin PP-RCT systems when you prefer an all plastic welded joint or when you need larger pipe diameters. Components are joined by either socket fusion, butt fusion or electrofusion, each of which ensures a strong homogenous bond. 

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