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Most cities were not designed to handle the current climate and environmental challenges. So how can we help our cities become more climate resilient while better securing water resources?
How can we help our cities become more climate resilient while better securing water resources?

Blue Green Roofs

Wavin PolderRoof®

Cities are growing and the climate is changing. With this comes heavy precipitation, extreme heat, prolonged drought, and less urban space for solutions. In order to make smart water storage on flat roofs possible, we developed the world’s first Wavin PolderRoof concept. The Wavin PolderRoof transforms roofs into smart, controlled, water storage. In this way, the system is able to store all rain that falls on the roof and to release or use at a later time. The Wavin PolderRoof enables irrigation, infiltration or a connection to greywater systems. 

How It Works

The Wavin PolderRoof consists of a buffer system, internet connected Smart Drop and an online platform called AQORA. The Smart Drop measures and regulates the water level and the run-off. Information about the roof and operating system can be accessed on your personal dashboard via AQORA. 

The team behind this innovation ensures that all roofs are continuously monitored and operated at optimal performance. The Wavin PolderRoof represents a new layer in urban water management! 

Automatic Retention Control

Wavin PolderRoofs are controlled by the Smart Drop: a small weir which maintains the water level and a set of sensors to ensure that the system always functions safely.


We measure, report, and display everything needed to safely store (temporary) water on the roof. 

A Regional Solution to Stormwater Management

Together with cities and universities, we work to transform urban centers into a real time smart grid for water. 

The Perfect Foundation for Every Surface

The surface of the roof is protected with a buffer layer, which provides space to store the water while forming a solid basis for a choice of application on top – from solar panels to roof parks, and from terraces to biodiverse flower mixes.



For Governments, City Planners, Water Boards, Housing associations

Planning Phase: The Roof Plan

During Design: Transforming rooftops into stormwater design offers opportunities for the real time climate adaptation of your municipality, region or development project. Many municipalities see these opportunities, but wonder where and how best to start. The Wavin Roof Plan can be drawn up at regional or property development level.

For Developers, Architects, Contractors

During Design

You want or have to store water on your lot, from the building envelope or sustainability policy. We will help you with a (winning) design that can also be executed. Wavin designs to meet your water requirement or goals. We also ensure that the water storage is properly secured in the construction or renovation process.

For Contractors, Green Roof Professionals

During Construction: Setting Smart Weir

The Wavin PolderRoof is built by an installation partner of your choice. We work with various local roof gardeners. The Smart Drop is installed by the roof contractor, Wavin provides the right settings and accessibility to AQORA. If desired, we will take care of a control of the Wavin PolderRoof during or after installation.

For Roof Owners, Administrators

During Operating Phase: Management and Maintenance

Via AQORA, our platform for urban water management, we monitor the performance of your water storage system, provide you with insight, adjust scenarios based on the data and report on your water performance:

  • Annual maintenance
  • Insight into performance through AQORA and annual reporting
  • Data management